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2020-05-26 17:33:44

SiP package overview :

SiP packaging refers to integrating multiple different chips into the same package to form a device system to achieve the goals of multi-function, small size, high performance and low cost. Since the different flip-like interconnection process, which can be divided FC-SiP and FC / WB-SiP like; chip containing vertically stacked SiP called 3D SiP .

SiP packaging advantages :

Compared with the traditional wire bonding package, the SiP package has obvious advantages as a high-end packaging technology for a variety of bare chip or module arrangement and assembly:

(1) High packaging efficiency : SiP packaging technology adds multiple chips in the same package body, which greatly reduces the package volume and improves the packaging efficiency.

(2) Short-market: SiP package layout without layout stage, from the reduced design complexity and shorten the verification and debugging time system implementation.

(3) Good compatibility : SiP can realize a dream combination of integrated passive components, passive components in radio and portable electronic complete machines can be embedded at least  30-50%, and can also combine Si, GaAs, InP chips Integrated packaging.

(4) Reduce system cost : SiP can provide low-power and low-noise system-level connections at higher frequencies

Working at the same rate can obtain a wider bandwidth and almost the same as the  SoC bus bandwidth, a dedicated integrated circuit

Road system, using  SiP packaging technology can save more system design and production costs.

(5) Small physical size : SiP package thickness continues to decrease, the most advanced technology can achieve five-layer stacking

The chip is only  1.0mm thick and ultra-thin, and the weight of the three-layer chip package is reduced by 35%.

(6) High electrical performance : SiP packaging technology can combine multiple packages into one, which can greatly reduce the total solder joints

Less, shorten the connection path of components, thereby improving electrical performance.

(7) Low power consumption : SiP package can provide low-power and low-noise system-level connection at higher frequencies

The next work can get almost the  same bus width as SoC.

(8) Good stability : SiP package has good resistance to mechanical and chemical corrosion and high reliability.

(9) Wide range of applications: SiP packaging can not only handle digital systems, but also be used in optical communications, sensors, and micro- electromechanical MEMS. 


SiP packaging applications:

SiP packaging technology widely used in consumer electronics, communications, computer and biomedical fields, etc., in the work industry automation, aerospace and automotive electronics are also increasingly widely used. Devices and modules and modules and modules using SiP packaging technology include: processors, including: processors, controllers, sensors, etc. Moreover, with the increasing performance requirements of products, SiP packaging technology has become the only solution for packaging technology that has become a high-end high-end chip packaging solution. The main application areas of SiP packaging are as follows:

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