Wire bonding service

2020-05-26 17:33:44

What is W ire B onding?                     

Wire Bonding and called bonding or bonded, is a chip and the inner leads via metal fine wires ( copper, silver, gold , aluminum) are connected together , to achieve the electric connection process ;

The bonding process on Classification: thermocompression bonding , thermocompression ultrasonic bonding , ultrasonic bonding.

Introduction of welding principle of thermosonic bonding

Of metal fine wire and the bonding point while heated by applying ultrasonic waves , the contact surface will produce the plastic deformation and destruction of the oxide interface layer, so that the activity of , by the contact surfaces two metal interdiffusion between the completion of the connection

Bonding process of comparison

 Hot pressing the ultrasonic bonding process described (in gold as Example )

 Introduction of the main bad items of bonding (take gold wire as an example)

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